Soda Blasting VS Gans 0-1

Come on buffers, do something special. This is waste of time.

Their contact form below is for phone pranks:
Τηλέφωνο: +302105317001
Fax: +302105317007
Αριθμός Κινητού Τηλεφώνου: 6984601212 – 6984601211 – 6984601213

SAO PAULO – Painting Reality

BaixoCentro is a movement of civil occupation that wants to crack, hack and play in the streets, conducted by an open network of producers. The first edition of the Festival happened in 23th march to 1st april, 10 days of a production where artists, producers and audience had the same goal to achieve together: make a whole festival using the interchange of services, infrastructural materials and arts to make it possible. There was more than 100 activities from workshops, performances, street interventions, between others. The opening was in march 23, 2012, when 200 liters of water solved paint were thrown on one of the main downtown São Paulo avenue: Av São João. The action was made in the morning. By noon, the city council had already washed the painting, even though they were water solved.

The intervention was based on dutch artist Iepe, Painting Reality, made in 2011 in Berlin, at Rosenthaler Platz (


Foe interview at Garage Magazine #10

The most interesting Garage Magazine issue. Foe (PME-NO) is talking about everything including how he started graffiti, his interrails with Pum and Honet, his favourite cities to paint at, how his spend his time when he lived in Athens, what is graffiti and his point of view, his experiments with ink and much more. If you don’t have it, go find an online store to order it, NOW!

PS: PME wholecar at Thisseio subway station, back in 1997(!), is the best ever made in Athens’ small train graffiti history.

It is difficult, for people who were not here from the beginning, to leave such  heavy mark to be remembered. It is difficult for someone to be able to reach -in terms of style, innovation and quality- the peaks of some of those great people who gave birth to writing. Forerunner of street propaganda, tireless experimenter, researcher of fonts and calligraphy, Foe will probably be talked about for many years to come… by Garage Magazine.