Staff Picks: Felipe Pantone / UB


“Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Pantone painted his first piece at the age of 12, and hasn’t stopped ever since he discovered graffiti in a small town in the southeast of Spain.

Years later he settled in Valencia, where he took part of the foundation of the notorious D.O.C.S team, famous for their smashing experiments with the alphabet. 
On the side, he kept developing a sort of daring avant-garde graffiti that led him to become a member of the legendary European crew Ultra Boyz. 

Nowadays his name has been spread in many of the most important cities of the world and his unique glossy style keeps changing through various different influences, but still preserving the usual stamp of quality.”

Omar Quiñones. Velvet Liga Internacional

pant1pant2 pant3 pant4 pant5 pant6 pant7 pant8 pant10 pant11 pant12

Follow PANTONE’s news and updates on his personal websiteFacebook & Instagram


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