‎3 years anniversary of “Submission”

Hello there,

After three turbulence years of subservient society, “Submission” still goes on.
We brings you a remaster version in FullHD (1080p), color corrected with English  subtitles uploaded on Vimeo and free to download  the Blu-ray ripped version via Dropbox to enjoy with experience of raw , palpable and the full adrenaline adventures. A collection of found material drawn from Hi8 and MiniDv tapes since 2003 until 2008 focusing on Europe and particularly Greece, this experimental documentary directly depicts the energy, rhythm, violence, vandalism but also the art involved in graffiti in the new millennium at its most hardcore moments. Abrupt and authentic, these sub-missions essentially represent the ways in which unconventional people actively resist submission to the pressures of disintegrating modern societies.

Copyright © 2009-2012


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