Greek Police for rent

A for rent sign so to speak has been hung over the greek police, since the government in a desperate measure to find money has decided to rent police forces officially through a new legislation.

Whilst the streets are roaming with criminals and citizens are terrorized, with the decision of Ministers of Protection and Finance the Greek Police is available for hire by private clientele. However this means if th greek police is hired by thse who can afford it, there are no available forces for those who cannot.

The decision has been announced officially by the government together with a pricelist for the rentals. 30 euros p/h for a police officer up to 1.500 euros p/h for a helicopter of the greek police. And there is also the chance for a discount.

According to the Ministers decision any citizen has the right to hire a police officer. It is a decision made by Mr.Chrisochoidis’s predecessor Mr.Papoutsis and according to information the current Minister is extremely displeased with the decision.

Via protothema.


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